Water Water Everywhere: How does the term “blue humanities” consolidate scholarship across disciplines?

JCU Blue Humanities Lab


This presentation is a conversation produced by the James Cook Blue Humanities Lab, a collective of scholars from the the humanities, social sciences, arts, and education who are focusing their attention on waters. In this presentation, each scholar briefly considers what ‘the blue humanities’ means from their disciplinary background, and in relation to their research, methodology, and contribution to the field.

We also reflect on the concept of a humanities “lab” and its attractions, affordances, perils, and limits for addressing critical issues that call on creative collaborations between and across HASS and science scholarship, broadly conceived.

Presenter Biographies

JCU Blue Humanities Lab is a research initiative centred on the relationship between the humanities, social sciences and the ‘blue’ spaces of our world – reefs, oceans, rivers, and inland bodies of water.

Panel discussants:

Maxine Newlands
Claire Hansen
Thomas Bristow
Claire Brennan
Victoria Kuttainen
Jennifer Deger
Bryan Smith

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