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All Humanities Research Centres, cultural and collecting institutions, and Humanities-based organisations are eligible for membership to the ACHRC. Please feel free to browse our Member Directory, which offers an overview of the current ACHRC membership.

Thank you for considering membership.


ACHRC membership dues are AUD $330 (incl GST) per year. Or $825 (incl GST) for a three year membership.

If your organisation is interested in joining the ACHRC, email us with your name, centre and contact details at to  receive an invoice or pay online at the Flinders University website. (The ACHRC is an independent organisation currently hosted and supported by Flinders University).

Thank you for considering membership.

Step by step instructions for paying for ACHRC membership through the Flinders iPay system

Step 1)            Go to:

Step 2)             Click “continue to product catalogue”

Step 3)             Under School of Humanities, choose “Annual ACHRC membership fee” (tick the box) then click “display product list”

Step 4) Choose either the one year or three year option and click “Add to Order”

Step 5) Review your selection and enter the name of your Research Centre, group or organisation. You are not required to enter anything into this box but it helps us to process memberships. Then click “Add to Order”
(No order quantity details or total are required here)

Step 6) Click “Proceed to Purchase Order”

Step 7) Fill in contact details. Please fill in the details for the Centre’s contact person. ACHRC staff will be in touch with you to flesh out the Centre’s details for inclusion on the membership database. This is for our purposes only.

Step 8) Check the contact details and order details are correct, then press “Pay Now”

Step 9) Enter credit card details and choose “Pay now” to proceed with payment.

Step 10) Once payment is processed, you will be returned to the university website where your tax invoice will be displayed. Please print the tax invoice for your records if required.


Please allow time for ACHRC staff to receive notification of new or continuing memberships and to respond accordingly. New members will receive a welcome pack from the ACHRC. We will seek clarification for how your centre’s details should be represented on our membership page.

Please note: The University does not have or retain access to your card details.

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