Benefits of Membership

The Australasian Consortium of Humanities Research Centres (ACHRC) is a network for groups engaged in Humanities-based reserch. Our aim is to connect Humanities researchers and centres, both within the Australasian region and internationally, and to promote relationships with cultural institutions and sector representative bodies in the wider community. 

We invite potential members from university-based centres, collecting institutions and cultural institutions to join the ACHRC and share in our mission to connect and support humanities research across Australia and New Zealand. The ACHRC is interested in all practical and theoretical aspects of humanities research and of managing a humanities centre in today’s research environment.

ACHRC member centres are listed in our online Member Directory, are invited to participate in the ACHRC’s initiatives and projects, and are eligible to participate in our annual events. Most importantly, ACHRC members are part of an active association of Humanities-based organisations, the first of its kind in Australia, which gives collective voice to centres which might otherwise be institutionally isolated. 

Events for Members 

The ACHRC organises at least two events every year, for which no registration fee is required of members. These events give members access to the ACHRC’s collective expertise in running humanities research centres, navigating the Australasian research environment, and connecting researchers across institutions, disciplines and regions. We invite the Academy of Humanities and the Australian Research Council to both events to keep us apprised of recent trends and initiatives, funding opportunities and the ERA. The events also include research development workshops for ECRs, postdocs, and PhDs.  

Currently the ACHRC organises two major events each year: 

  • ‘Humanities in the Regions’ Symposium 

The ACHRC is committed to supporting research centres in smaller, regional universities where the humanities may be under threat. The ‘Humanities in the Regions’ symposium invites regional centres to share their successful initiatives, discuss current developments from a regional perspective, and form networks in solidarity.  

Information on past and upcoming Humanities in the Regions events can be found here. 

  • Annual Meeting 

In the Annual Meeting, the ACHRC comes together to discuss broad challenges and opportunities for humanities research across the sector. It is a conference-style program combining our AGM with a series of presentations and panels on specific issues facing humanities centres.  

Information on past and upcoming Annual Meetings can be found here. 


As a representative peak body, the ACHRC advocates for the humanities when the occasion arises and comments on decisions and initiatives directly affecting the practice and reputation of the humanities in Australia and beyond. Our Advisory Board has members dedicated to specific interests: Communications; Humanities in the Regions; Humanities in Cultural Institutions; Early Career Researchers and Postdoctoral Fellows; Research Policy and National Response; Public Humanities. We invite member centres to contribute to these initiatives  

The ACHRC is also currently developing a database to track (and broker) visits by distinguished humanities scholars to the different member centres, giving each member access to the activities of other centres and the opportunity to partner with other members in bringing out scholars of interest to more than one institution. 

Subscription & How to Join 

The annual subscription for each centre is only $330 p.a. (incl. GST). This money is used to get quality speakers along to all our events. The ACHRC needs your support to ensure that we continue to do this, and needs the membership and experience of as many humanities centres as possible so that it can continue to represent the humanities into the future. 

To join, please email us your name, centre and contact details at For any enquiries, please contact Katie Cox at