Reimagine STEM

Arts and humanities are becoming core knowledges essential for STEM Practice and education – listen to the Reimagine STEM podcast to find out how and why…

Maya Haviland (Australian National University)


The Reimagine STEM is a podcast featuring conversations about approaches to inter-disciplinary education and practice in the contexts of engineering and computing. It was made by a team of creative producers during the CoDesign Culture Lab, an event hosted by the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) in November 2019 as part of work to engage diverse voices and knowledges into the CECS agenda to Reimagine how engineering and computer science serve the emerging needs of the middle of the coming century. Covering 4 core themes – Educational innovation; Practice and education for social benefit; the need for Diversity; and, the contributions of Indigenous knowledges, the Reimagine STEM podcast demonstrates ways in which knowledge and practice from the Arts and Humanities are being sought out and applied to STEM practices and education to ensure that we more effectively meet current and emerging global and local challenges.

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Presenter Biographies

Reimagine STEM is presented by Dr. Kiara Bruggemann, a biomedical engineer at the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, written and produced by Gretchen Miller, with sound engineering by Nick McCorriston. Its executive producers are Dr. Maya Haviland, cultural anthropologist and arts facilitator at the ANU Centre for Heritage and Museum Studies and Dan Etheridge, freelance consultant, producer and project manager specialising in public interest design and community development.

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